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Bronze Markers

Bronze cemtery markers are flat memorials set on granite bases. Names, dates, and inscriptions are cast raised in bronze on the markers. You have the option of ordering the grave marker with or without a bronze vase as part of the bronze memorial. Each bronze cemtery marker is unique and is hand crafted by skilled artisans who work and turn the cast, hard metal into personalized tributes in bronze. Memorial Granite carries the most extensive line of bronze grave site memorials online. All are cast of the highest quality bronze and finished with a baked on polyurethane coating to assure they will continue to retain their "like new" look for many years. We are one of the only internet monument companies that can supply you with grave site markers from Matthews International Bronze and Granit-Bronz Company.

Bronze offers an alternative to traditional granite. Memorial Granite Company has the largest selection of bronze markers and other bronze products in the United States. We offer the most competitive prices in the tri-state area. Bronze can be used as an accent feature on or focal point of a monument. It can also be used as a lawn level or bevel marker. We can design a companion marker to duplicate the bronze Veterans' marker. We can also design government markers. Memorial Granite will customize any of our bronze markers to fit your customers' needs.

Flat-Slant Markers

Flat markers are generally used as foot markers. Some cemeteries do allow them to be used as a grave marker. Generally non-title graves commonly have flat foot markers. A common size for a foot marker is 2 feet by 1 foot by 4 inches in height, part of which is always embedded into the ground.

The common size for a slant marker is 2 feet wide, 1 foot thick and 1 foot 6 inches in height. You can check out our size tablets to teach you more about sizes.