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There are many reasons why you can entrust Memorial Granite to create the monuments you need according to your specifications. When you call us, you'll be in touch with our care consultants who are experts in our industry. We know our business better than any other monument company in the country because we are the designer and manufacturer. Our family business has been creating unique monuments for over 100 years. We know the secrets of combining old world craftsmanship and modern new technology - techniques that other companies simply cannot do. Here are a few more reasons why our customers choose to do business with us.

  • It's more than just business for us. It's our passion. This means we take great care to create a meaningful memorial, not just a grave marker.
  • You're working with the manufacturer; this means you save money.
  • We are price competitive anywhere in the U.S. because we are the manufacturer and because of our unique ability to buy the raw materials on the world market direct at a low price without using a middle man.
  • We're world renown for award winning designs. We not only create beautiful custom designs, but we also carve them with skills our family has acquired for four generations.
  • We offer the largest selection of memorial grade granites that you can find anywhere in the U.S.
  • We provide complimentary telephone consultation.
  • We offer complimentary initial design presentations.

Memorial Granite now offers the largest and most equipped online service monument website in the nation. You can view your sketch online, make changes, and see progress of your monument all through our site.


Prices on monuments vary by size, color, artwork, and optional accessories.

Calling us will help us assist you on what kind of prices you are looking for.